1. Where could I find the registration form?

2. Can I share my stand?

Of course you can! (maximum 2 sellers per stand)

3. What is the price for a stand?

Consult our price lists:

  • For private exhibitors (link)
  • For professionals exhibitors (link)

4. How can I pay my registration?

We accept bank transfer.

N.B. Your payment has to be received at least 1 week before the date of the event – if not, your registration will be canceled.

5. Are clothes rack, hangers and chair provided with the stand?

Only the VIP stands are provided with 1 clothes rack, 30 hangers and 1 chair.

6. If on the D-day, I realize that I need a clothes racks, hangers or a chair - could I rent some at the last minute?

If we still have some in stock, no problem 😉

7. How many clothes rack and tables could I put on a stand?

It depends on the layout of your stand. Several configurations are possible, if you take our IKEA clothing rack (1m), you can put 3 racks without table or 2 racks and 1 table. Prefer to present your clothes on clothes rack rather than folded on a table to facilitate the accessibility of your stand to the visitors 😉

8. Could I take a bigger stand on the D-day, if I find mine too small?

Unfortunately not, because all the stands are booked and the placements organized made in advance.

9. Do I have to bring my own mirror?

Mirrors and fitting rooms will be available during the event.

10. How do I know if my registration is validated?

A confirmation e-mail will be sent after we received your registration form and payment 🙂 (check your spams!)

1. Could I pay my purchases by credit card?

No, cards are not accepted – cash payment only! 😉

2. Is the entrance free?

Sure, it’s totally free for the visitors!

3. What are the opening hours?

We are open to public from 11am to 6pm.

4. Do I have to book my visit?

Of course not – come when you want! 🙂